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How do you protect client confidentiality?

A: Confidentiality is a cornerstone of trust in my work. I am ethically committed to protecting all my client's privacy. I do not share information about who I serve with anyone outside our relationship.

How do you make the process simple?

A: Honesty, kindness and accountability in our relationship keep things simple. I only work with a selected number of clients per year. My approach is straightforward, real, and committed to align with your bigger purpose.

How are you compensated?

A: Depending on your level of commitment, I will provide you with investment options to suit your unique situation.

How does it work if I don't live near you?

A: While physical proximity is very helpful, the most important aspect of our relationship is the exchange we will have to create a new alignment between who you are and your personal style.

If we can't work in person, we will meet thorugh video calls as often as possible while maintaining a secure private online platform where we will text, email, and exchange materials that will facilitate the process.

How often do we meet and how long is the process?

A: All new clients begin with a WOW STYLE PROGRAM. After that process which will take a couple of weeks, we determine the frequency of meetings by your needs and desired results. Having a personal style requires practice, just as your professional development has required in your career. If we choose to continue working together after the initial engagement, the length of the ensuing agreement is determined by your goals and purpose.

How is your work different than working with a personal shopper?

A: Often the goal of a personal shopper is to sell you what the store wants to push or promote. Not necessarily what looks best for you or what you need.

My work focuses on creating the most authentic, vibrant and strategic personal style for you to show up as your very best. Transformation goes beyond what you wear—It’s is about evolving your capacity to show up in ways not previously available or even imagined.

Shopping is not my priority. That is why we start working with what you already own.

What is your view on Sustainability?

A: I am committed to support conscious fashion brands and to educate my clients about the responsibility we have as consumers. when possible, I like to provide the best shopping alternatives and creative ways to leverage what my client already owns.

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